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One question that we get asked A LOT is if we know of any good book series to read. Boy do we! This is one of our favorite ways to read books.

For us, the temptation of exploring the world a story was created around in depth and really getting to know the characters is just too much to pass up... especially when it's written by one of our favorite authors.

I don't know about you, but Aaron and I love having ample enough time to really experience the story the way the author intended it to be experienced.

A well written book series provides the time we need to get to know the characters on a deeper level and explore every aspect of the world the story was created around. A lot of times, you can't get that in a standalone novel.

If you feel the same and are in need of some top-notch series recommendations to tide you over for a bit, you'll find a growing list of our top picks a little further down this page.

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1.) You can pick a series you liked for a list of similar recommendations to get you started.

2.) by picking a series you think you might want to read for a bit more information about the series and a complete book list in reading order.

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