The Last Apprentice Series

The Last Apprentice series is a young adult fantasy series by Joseph Delaney.

The series chronicles the apprenticeship of Tom Ward as he learns how to become a Spook and fight off the various faces of evil that lurk in the darkness.

Tom learns from Old Gregory who has been the reigning town Spook for a while and who is fast approaching retirement, after which Tom will take his place.

Unfortunately for Tom that means he needs to learn what he must know to do the job on his own before that time comes, and there's a lot he needs to know to do the job properly.

Being a Spook's apprentice is both dangerous and lonely, but Tom is the Spook's last hope, so he has to stick it out and learn the trade so he doesn't disappoint his Mam and because he's the very last apprentice left who can do it.

This is a series with lots of action and adventure for readers who tend to gravitate more toward books that keep it interesting. My husband loves this series and actually rates it in his top ten so it's definitely worth a read.

Once you get past the first book, which has a little bit of action but more world building and character introduction, the story really picks up and only gets better from there.

Below is a list of all the Last Apprentice books in chronological order. Click the book title for more information on any of the available installments.

The Last Apprentice Series Books

the last apprentice

Revenge of the Witch

Last Apprentice Series Book 1
Greenwillow, September 2005
344 pages

the last apprentice

Curse of the Bane

Last Apprentice Series Book 2
Greenwillow, August 2006
455 pages

the last apprentice

Night of the Soul Stealer

Last Apprentice Series Book 3
Greenwillow, August 2007
489 pages

the last apprentice

Attack of the Fiend

Last Apprentice Series Book 4
Greenwillow, February 2008
532 pages

the last apprentice

Wrath of the Bloodeye

Last Apprentice Series Book 5
Greenwillow, August 2008
511 pages

the last apprentice

Clash of the Demons

Last Apprentice Series Book 6
Greenwillow, August 2009
395 pages

the last apprentice

Rise of the Huntress

Last Apprentice Series Book 7
Greenwillow, August 2010
448 pages

the last apprentice

Rage of the Fallen

Last Apprentice Series Book 8
Greenwillow, April 2011
416 pages

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