Best Romance Books in a Series

What better way to get your fix than with a series of great romance books?

Not only do you get more passion and gut wrenching intimacy between the characters you know and love, but you get to experience the world through the eyes of your favorite romance authors.

And since there's nothing I love more than getting lost in the pages of a great romance book, I've decided to share all my favorites with you!

In the hope that you might enjoy reading them as much as I did, I've compiled a list of all my top romance series picks.

Each series title is a link to more information, so don't be shy if you see something that interests you. If you made it here while looking for recommendations, click the same link and scroll down the page for a list of suggested books to read.

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Recommended Series Romance Books

Note: Any series you see that is not yet an active link, will be shortly. We just haven't had the chance to put up the review page yet, so don't forget to check back in regularly. If you'd like to suggest a romance book series to add to the list, click here to shoot us your recommendations

For Adult Readers...

Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Dark Series

Riley Jenson Series

Nauti Series

Elite Ops


Shadow Dwellers

Night Huntress

Three Worlds

Ghost Walkers

Leopard Series

For Teen Readers...

Night World Series

House of Night

Twilight Series

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Academy

Mortal Instruments

Wondrous Strange

Morganville Vampires

Vampire Kisses

Madison Avery


| | Romance Books in a Series

| | Romance Books in a Series

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