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P.C. Cast is a best selling fiction author from Oklahoma. She has written more than 25 books in the paranormal romance and young adult fantasy genres, many of which have reached best seller status.

We first stumbled across her books while browsing for something, and remembered her from high school. She was my sophomore english teacher! Of course I had to give her a shot. How could I pass up the chance to see if she was any good?

I got a copy of Marked, book one in the House of Night series and that was the end of it. I was hooked. They are definitely written for younger readers, and super easy to read, but I have found them entertaining and a little bit addicting, though parts of the story felt a little dragged out.

P.C. collaborated with her daughter on this series and they clearly make a decent team. In addition to the House of Night series, she's written a number of adult romance stories and teen fiction too. You'll find a list below of anything we haven't read under the heading 'More from this Author'.

PC is an experianced speaker and teacher, and she's received many awards for her work including the Oklahoma Book Award and the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award.

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More from this Author:

Elphame's Choice
Brighid's Quest
Goddess of the Sea
Goddess of the Sea
Goddess of the Spring
Goddess of Rose
Goddess of Love
Goddes of Light
Warrior Rising
Divine By Mistake
Divine By Choice
Divine By Blood
Divine Beginnings
Mysteria Lane

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