Vampire Romance - Vampiric

by Janet

Vampiric is an original vampire romance that is definitely worth reading. It is the first in the series, although how many other follow-ups there will be is yet to be seen.

It's set in town of Clearview, a city in Florida. The vampire population here is divided into two groups: the satisfaction seeking (but good natured) Incubi, and the not so friendly blood suckers.

vampire romance vampiric
Vampiric Front Cover

The main love story revolves around two characters: Jess Green, and Hathen Nobel. Jess is a human policewoman, and Hathen is the leader of the Incubi.

The two fall quickly in lust, a relationship that turns into love as the story goes on.

It's a little bit saucy in places, though this doesn't go as graphic into the 'physical' scenes as some books.

The author (S L Hartley) keeps it respectful and reasonably clean.

A couple of other romances are touched on along the way, making this story fresh and interesting. In addition, crimes and sub plots add a touch of excitement to the story that will appeal to all types of readers.

Overall, this is a very good book, and one I'd recommend to anyone. I look forward to reading the next version of Vampiric.

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