The Shadow of the Wind

First off WOW!! I was pretty much hooked from the first sentence of this book! For a book lover like myself what could be better than a book starting out by the main character visiting something called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books?

Right from the start the story is both enchanting and intriguing and impossible to put down!! This book literally has it all; intrigue, action, love story, history, intense love of books, really too much to try and summarize in a review!

Basically anyone and everyone who considers themselves a lover of books should go out and find this book immediately!! This is by far the best book I've read in months and I want everyone I know to read this book and be as enthralled and gripped by this book as I was!

This is one of those books that doesn't come along often so when it does you treasure it. I just can't decide now whether or not to keep it or share it!

I don't want to describe the details of the book here, you can find that on numerous websites without me outlining it, I just want people to know that it is an amazingly well written and thought out book and hopefully it will hook you from beginning to end as it did me!

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