BFB Content Submission Guidelines

The following outlines the submission guidelines for all of the content submission forms on BFB. For readers, we have book recommendation, author recommendation and series recommendation forms and for authors we have book summary forms.

All submissions MUST FOLLOW the below outlined guidelines or they WILL NOT BE accepted

Guidelines for Submitting Book Summaries on BFB

Your submission must be...

  • 400 words in length or longer (we will accept nothing less)
  • completely original (not copied from any source... not even the back of the book)
  • spoiler free but informative (in other words: it must introduce readers to your book and tell them what it is about without giving everything away)
  • easy to read and understand (written with proper sentences, spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Note:  Please take a moment, before submitting your summary, to re-read and correct any obvious mistakes. We edit to an extent, however, we will not re-write a submission, so if it comes through littered with mistakes and no obvious effort went into it, it will not be published.

Read the Submission Agreement next, or return to the form and publish your summary

Guidelines for Sharing Book Recommendations on BFB

We welcome any and all book recommendations you feel like sharing with us, so long as they are rated (in your opinion) at least 3.5 stars or higher.

Your recommendation should

  • contain at least 400 words
  • tell other readers what the book is about and why they should read it
  • share what you liked and didn't like about the book
  • be rated at least 3.5 stars or higher (in your opinion)
  • be written in your own words and completely original (not copied from ANY source)

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND:  One liner recommendations do not get published on their own page. To avoid search engine penalties, we group them with other, similar submitted recommendations and add them to the site when we have enough to create a valuable web page from them.

Telling us a little bit about the book and why you like it helps the approval process run a lot smoother and quicker. Below is a list of questions you can answer that will get your mind thinking in terms of what other readers like to know about a book before deciding to read it.

  • What do you like about the book? Why should other readers read it?
  • Share what you like about the characters and how you connected with them
  • Talk about your favorite moments in the story (without spoilers)
  • Tell us about any moments you didn't like, or wished were written differently
  • Was the book sexy, exciting, romantic, predictable, suspenseful, scary?

Simply expand on 'hey this book is great' enough that you give us an idea of what we are in for when we read it.

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