Contest Rules & Submission Requirements

Who is Eligible to Enter?

This contest is open to anyone who wants to participate- worldwide.

What are the Prizes?

There will be two prizes awarded- one personalized teen romance novel and one adult personalized romance novel.

Winners will have the opportunity to select a prize from the following list of personalized romance books...

Personalized Adult Romance Novels:

  • Fantasy Romance: By Magic Bound
  • Werewolf Mystery: Fierce Moon
  • High Seas Action: Pirates of Desire
  • Classic Western: Western Rendezvous
  • Medieval Epic: Medieval Passion
  • Internet Dating: Click for Love
  • Love in Space: Starstruck
  • Vampire Romance: Vampire Kisses
  • Stock Car Thrills: Racing Hearts
  • Romantic Medical Drama: ER Fever
  • Reality TV Fun: Tropical Treasure
  • Romantic Comedy: Love's Next Door

Personalized Classic Romance Novels:

  • Classic: Pride and Prejudice
  • Classic: Phantom of the Opera
  • Classic: Sense and Sensibility

Personalized Teen Romance Novels:

  • Latest Release: Sea Spell
  • Vampire Love: First Bite
  • Werewolf Romance: Night Wolf

Submission Guidelines:

Please Note:  Your entry should be completely original and written in your own words (i.e. cannot contain someone elses thoughts on the book, a copied book summary or anything else that is not 100% you)

  • Tell us the name of your favorite book
  • Write a few sentences telling us a little bit about the book and why it is your favorite

Mandatory:  Please remember to select your prize preference at the bottom of the form when submitting your contest entry. This is the only way we'll know whether you want to be entered into the drawing for the personalized teen romance or the personalized adult romance.

How Many Times can I Enter?

You may submit as many entries as you want if you have more than one favorite book, however, you will only be entered into the drawing once. You will select the pool you want to be in at the time of entry to choose either the adult romance novel or the teen romance novel.

How are the Prizes awarded?

All submissions will be divided into two pools, one for those who are entering to win the teen romance novel and one for those entering to win the adult romance novel. Winners will be selected via a random drawing... one for each pool on Valentine's Day.

Contest winners will be notified via email. Each winner will be given 7 days to claim his or her free prize. If a prize is not claimed within those 7 days, it is forfeit and another winner will be selected to receive the prize instead.

Don't forget to bookmark the contest page so you easily find your way back to check out the winners and get details on future contest giveaways.

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