"Chains Of Command" A star Trek Novel

by Josh

I have always loved Star Trek The Next Generation. Not a big fan of Kirk I must admit. When I was handed this book "Chains of Command" as a gift I was hesitant, I mean sure its a good show, but would it be a good read?

Well, I was quite happy to find that it was. The plot is based around of course, the Enterprise and her crew on a mission to explore, yadda yadda you know the drill.

So they come across an alien race unknown to them, and in the exchanges that follow, some mistakes are made forcing the Captain Picard, First officer Riker, along with several others to be captured, leaving the command of the ship in the hands of people not used to having such power.

I enjoyed the book because the people were relatable, and I knew them, I could hear the voices, see the faces, and know the expressions given with the swipe of the authors pen.

The new race was very intriguing to me as well, a birdlike race with advanced technology.

All and all if you like Star Trek and enjoy the show, this one did not disappoint me, I have read it a few times and suggest it to anyone wanting more out of the ST:TNG setting than given in the show.

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